It’ been a hard day’s night!

I don’t like my job. I do not like my job. My job I do not like.

I would probably have liked Dr. Seuss’ job. It looks like it would be pretty easy to me. Writing stupid rhymes for kids, who rarely complain, or yell in your face, or try to make you feel like they are doing you a favor by paying you to write stupid rhyming stories because your not very good at it and hell no your not getting a raise this year because I’m already paying you too much as it is.

And I bet Dr Seuss made a lot of money writing silly rhyming stories for kids.

I bet Dr. Seuss’ wife would ask him over their morning coffee something like “Well, sweetheart; how does your day look”. And he would say “My day will be easy. Writing rhyming stories for kids is breezy. My job is not sleazy. It doesn’t make me queasy. Hope your day is as pleasy!”

Ok, so it might not have been so great for Dr. Seuss’ wife.

If I had a chance to live my life over again I would not choose a career that would put me on my fat butt in front of a computer for eight, no make that ten hours a day.

So it goes…..

I stole that (so it goes….) from Kurt Vonnegut. He said that a lot in his novels. It’s OK though because he’s dead and doesn’t say it in novels any more. I don’t think he will mind.

It’s probably too late for me to start a new career writing silly rhyming kids’s books…..or doing anything else for that matter. I’m stuck sitting on my butt in front of a computer until I retire….or more likely until I die of a massive grabber sitting at my desk, clutching my mouse, face down, forehead on my keyboard with zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….filling the screen until some co-worker comes to see why my computer is making that funny the keystroke buffer is full sound that it makes when you lay something heavy on the keyboard, like your dead face.

So it goes…..

2016 Colorado Caucus……NOT!

The following is the content of an email I sent to the RNC…..for what it’s worth.

I just learned that the proletariat will not have an opportunity to caucus in the 2016 Colorado primary. I learned that the RNC wanted the delegates to be “free” to vote as they see fit. In other words, to vote for the old guard.

It makes me want to just give up. This country is swirling down the toilet bowl of good old boy politics. I just wish the liberals/socialist had an opposition party. The RNC is no longer and has not been for a long time an opposition party to the DNC. If there were any more bipartisanship the DNC would wake up and find itself to the right of the RNC.

Since I am ashamed to call myself a Republican and because the Democrat leadership is still just a little bit left of the Republican leadership and since I am unable to caucus I seen no reason not to change my affiliation to independent.

I have two questions:

Why is it that when the Republicans took the house and Senate and cast Reid and Pelosi out of power nothing change?

Why is it that the Republican party (the standard bearers for smaller government, lower taxes and the right to life) attacks a small group congressman who are advocating for smaller government, less taxes and defunding Planned Parenthood and why do you think their nickname, “Freedom Coalition”, is supposed to be derogatory?

If I were able to sit in a session of Congress I would shout “Liar!” but it would not be directed toward President Obama. It would be directed at you all.

The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial.” – Ayn Rand

God bless America.

Lying Republicans

A friend sent me the link below with this in email body:

Food for thought on why we have the mess we do.

I haven’t responded because if I did he would probably be pretty offended and I don’t want to do that. He is a friend after all. And he is a socialist and I don’t really think it would have any effect.

You asked me to think about the statement by Lindsey Graham in the video. I thought about it for a long time. These are my conclusions. Please don’t be offended. I don’t mean to be offensive. However I am passionate about these things.

I thought about what Lindsey Graham said in this video. He said he would never vote for a budget that funded Planned Parenthood. He said that opposing anything that the president says he will veto is lying to the American people. I really don’t follow that logic unless he means “Do whatever the President/DNC says and like it or you’re a lying radical right wing nut job”.  That must be a new definition.

Sure enough Lindsey didn’t vote for it. Must not have been that important to him really.

However Ted Cruz did vote on HR-719, when he had the chance, and at least he voted the way he told the voters he would.

Which one lied?

However I do agree that most Republicans are liars.

Lie #1: They claim to be the opposition party to the DNC but they never oppose them.

Lie #2: They make promises about opposing the expansion of the budget, raising the debt limit, killing babies and so on, but they vote to expand the budget, raise the debt limit and fund Planned Parenthood.

Lie # 3: They claim to stand for freedom, limited government and the right to live. However when a bunch of radical right wing nut jobs stand up for stuff like freedom, limiting government intervention in our personal lives and giving little baby women the right to choose who they want to go to the prom with instead of  than killing them just before they slide out the baby chute, those lying Republicans say “Don’t you worry about it Harry and Nancy….we got this”. Then they vilify their own party members for not going along with EVERYTHING the President and the DNC want. Kind of like Harry and Nancy used to do….Grrrrr.

And so it goes…..

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough we have to listen to the DNC, the RNC and the Press beat the drum that says Republicans are not cooperating, shutting down the government etc. etc. (puke) while they (the RNC) give the Socialist Democrats everything they want. If the RNC cooperated with the DNC any more than they already do, the DNC would be to the right of the RNC.

I think we need to fundamentally change this country back. Let’s think for a while about “shutting down the government” which the DNC and the RNC have saved us from. How bad would it really be? Their answer is a lie that both the RNC and the DNC tell often. These are the facts about it.

66% of the federal budget is Mandatory Spending and not really part of the annual appropriations process.  It would go on without a hiccup. Mandatory spending is federal spending that is spent based on existing laws rather than the budgeting process. For instance, spending for Social Security is based on the eligibility rules for that program in spite of the DNC and the RNC telling us that the old people’s checks will stop coming and they’ll starve to death if the government gets shut down.

33% of the budget is Discretionary Spending. Discretionary Spending is the portion of the budget that the president requests and Congress appropriates every year. It represents less than one-third of the total federal budget, while mandatory spending accounts for around two-thirds. It is the sum total of the appropriations bill. [BTW the RNC just helped Obama change the rules AGAIN. The latest appropriations bill is for 2 years not one, extending Obama reign one year beyond his actual presidency]

Of the Discretionary Spending 53% of it (15.88% of the total Mandatory and Discretionary) spending is on the military which leaves just under 18% of the budget that actually gets “shut down”……I mean “SHUT DOWN!”. The 18% that actually gets “shut down” comprises the following:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Medicare and Health
  • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Housing and Community
  • International Affairs
  • Energy and Environment
  • Science
  • Transportation
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Of those departments the following are only partially funded by

Discretionary Funding with additional funded by Mandatory Spending:

  • Medicare and Health
  • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Food and Agriculture

So these are the only things that get “Shut Down”……I mean “SHUT DOWN” when the budget doesn’t get passed.

  • Education
  • Housing and Community
  • International Affairs
  • Energy and Environment
  • Science
  • Transportation
  • Military

However, it is a budget. It is only a budget. If there is a healthy debate in the congress about the budget and we go without a budget for a few days (called a spending gap) it doesn’t mean that anything shuts down. The government still has money and people still go to work the military still get paid. The NSF may have to delay some project where they follow penguins around in the Antarctic or study what makes college men horny but that is about it. Although Federal employees actually have to stop working, they get retroactive pay for the time they didn’t work.

Go figure!

When you hear “GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN” what is the first word that comes to the mind of most Americans? Republicans grrrrr

The government has been shut down 17 times in the history of the country since 1976. You probably remember every one of them because of the dead or starving old people lying in the streets because they didn’t get their Social Security checks.

8 times the DNC controlled both the House and the Senate (so the DNC wrote the budget in the House and then delayed it in the Senate…ie. Shut Down the Government)

7 times the RNC controlled the House and the DNC controlled the Senate (so the RNC wrote the budget in the House and the DNC held it up in the Senate or as they like to say SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!

2 times the RNC controlled both the House and Senate (so the RNC wrote the budget in the House and the RNC delayed it in the Senate)

So it appears that for the most part the DNC is in control of the budget and the RNC offers little if any healthy conservative opposition and that is being generous. 15 of the 17 times the government has been SHUT DOWN! it was done by the Democrats while the republicans got the blame.

By the way, do you remember all those 17 times the government was SHUT DOWN! I didn’t think so……because it had little if no effect on anyone’s daily life. Little old people did not starve to death after all.

By the way those shutdowns and the DNC control of just about everything and everyone spans well over 40 years. The exact amount of time that Bernie Sanders says the middle class has been shrinking.

So we keep giving the government (liberals or as I like to call them: socialist) more and more money and control while the middle class keeps shrinking and shrinking so we give the government more money and control as the middle class……well you get the picture.

So it goes….

The reason we have a mess is that we have a one party government. We need a second party. A conservative one to oppose the two co-existing socialist ones.

By the way, socialism is a bad thing in case you didn’t know that. It has failed 100% of the number of times it has been tried. For example, all of the many third world countries in the world are socialist.

I’m just sayin’.


Hello world!

I am not sure who will ever see this besides myself and God, but that’s OK. An audience of just God is pretty big. As for myself, that is a given. Anyone else is just icing on the cake.

I am not sure what or why I will write but I have a feeling once I begin a floodgate may open….or not.

So it goes….