It’ been a hard day’s night!

I don’t like my job. I do not like my job. My job I do not like.

I would probably have liked Dr. Seuss’ job. It looks like it would be pretty easy to me. Writing stupid rhymes for kids, who rarely complain, or yell in your face, or try to make you feel like they are doing you a favor by paying you to write stupid rhyming stories because your not very good at it and hell no your not getting a raise this year because I’m already paying you too much as it is.

And I bet Dr Seuss made a lot of money writing silly rhyming stories for kids.

I bet Dr. Seuss’ wife would ask him over their morning coffee something like “Well, sweetheart; how does your day look”. And he would say “My day will be easy. Writing rhyming stories for kids is breezy. My job is not sleazy. It doesn’t make me queasy. Hope your day is as pleasy!”

Ok, so it might not have been so great for Dr. Seuss’ wife.

If I had a chance to live my life over again I would not choose a career that would put me on my fat butt in front of a computer for eight, no make that ten hours a day.

So it goes…..

I stole that (so it goes….) from Kurt Vonnegut. He said that a lot in his novels. It’s OK though because he’s dead and doesn’t say it in novels any more. I don’t think he will mind.

It’s probably too late for me to start a new career writing silly rhyming kids’s books…..or doing anything else for that matter. I’m stuck sitting on my butt in front of a computer until I retire….or more likely until I die of a massive grabber sitting at my desk, clutching my mouse, face down, forehead on my keyboard with zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….filling the screen until some co-worker comes to see why my computer is making that funny the keystroke buffer is full sound that it makes when you lay something heavy on the keyboard, like your dead face.

So it goes…..

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